My motto is empower the way you want to feel….  We all know that our mood can change in a split second and often for the worse; however the opposite is true as well.  We can change our mood in a positive way in a split second as well, but often we let the negative feeling linger.  So when I need to empower a positive feeling I listen to my favorite uplifting music, watch something funny, wish someone a great day, look in the mirror and smile and the most important thing I do everyone morning is to have gratitude.


Sometimes we need to change our mindset look at things differently, try new ideas or change up your routine.  I would walk into stores I would never go into and tried clothes I would have never pick out.  While a few of the clothes totally worked and got me out of my comfort zone the other clothes screamed what the hell what were they thinking, lol! 


I find accessories are a great way to change your feeling instantly and you empower that feeling all day; it’s like a confidence pill if you will.   Accessories that I use to change up my mood are necklaces, earrings, rings, hand accessories, even a shade of lipstick and of course my favorite are my scarves.  When you need that pop of color around the neck or a comfort feeling, dressing up a solid blouse or shirt; scarves are the perfect fit.


My favorite look is a pair of your favorite jeans, white t-shirt and a beautiful scarf that speaks to the way you feel at that moment.

It is amazing how a small change can make a big impact.  Take charge of your day!

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