Sheets or no sheets that is the question?

After years of putting flat sheets on our beds only because it came in the package....we felt obligated.  Well no more!!!  We are free!!!  

Since we have liberated ourselves from the flat sheets our beds are easier to make!  No longer are we searching for the stray sheet that has assembled itself at the foot of the bed or hanging sloppily over one side of the bed.
Okay, so i have one confession to make, I recently put one flat sheet on one of my kid's bed, it is sooo cold in the room that this one sheet has made a difference in the coziness factor.  So my answer to flat sheets or no flat sheets is....BOTH! (I do prefer not to have one though).

This leads me to my next point, make your bed when you wake up.  As long as I can remember my mom has always expected us to make our beds every morning.  After having a long day it's nice to come to a bed that is made, it makes me feel like I accomplished something.

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