Tis the season to entertain

Tis the season to entertain and my motto is plan ahead and make ahead.  I’ve done my share of entertaining with many mishaps and successes to boast about. 

I hope my quick guide helps you create the most magical and memorable party.

#1 don’t try anything new.  A new recipe, a new drink a new outfit even a new hair cut!!

I am notorious of trying new recipes and ideas when entertaining and it drives my husband crazy.  If you are anything like me, you may still want to do it, but I recommend trying it with close friends and family.

#2 make a list of who's coming.

Are they new friends, old friends, co-workers? Make sure you know if any of the guests have food restrictions or allergies.Being a vegetarian I often find it difficult at parties and events. When I’m entertaining I have at least two vegetarian options. 

Knowing as much as you can about your guests makes it easier to plan the menu.

#3 have a theme or purpose in mind. 

Defining this makes it cost effective, fun and magical.  Once you know what the theme is it's time to go shopping...in your home! Start pulling out decor from your storage bins, plates, cutlery, vases, candles and figure out what you already have, then make a list of what's missing.

#4 start staging the house a few days before the party.

This will give you enough time to add or delete any items.  Complete the staging the night before; this gives you enough time for other time sensitive items on your list.

#5 if you decide that you are cooking, make whatever you can ahead of time. 

Even if you decide to cook some items and cater the rest, pick items that you know that you can make ahead of time.  

#6 Make the evening special by sending the guests home with a thoughtful gift.  

Although this is optional, I do highly recommend it.  Ending a perfect magical night with something for your guests to remember makes it special.

I hope these tips inspire you to entertain this season with a little magic in the air and the most important thing to remember about entertaining is don't forget to have fun!

















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  • Great tips and amazing photos!

    Minu Patel

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