Time for Refelection

Taking a moment to reflect is not second nature to me, it's a learned habit that I have been working on for a few months now.  The more I do this the more I realize that I need to celebrate my accomplishments and take a good hard look at my challenges.

Reflecting on my accomplishments allows me to strengthen my good habits. And when I say allows me I am giving myself permission to celebrate my accomplishments because  I used to feel that my small victories were not worthy in accomplishing my bigger goal. This feeling of unworthiness was part of a learned habit from many years ago.  Taking the time to celebrate these victories along the way have opened up a new way of thinking. In order to move up the ladder it is important to give yourself a pat on the back for the successes that help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Just like not reflecting on my accomplishments, I did not reflect on my challenges either and this resulted in a vicious cycle of harnessing the inability to break bad habits.  

When I started to reflect on some of these challenges and failures, I realized a pattern started to emerge.  To change these patterns I had to implement the right habits and put those habits into actions.  Once I did that I realized it is crucial to ask for some feedback from the right people; people you trust and then go and reflect again and make the necessary changes.  It’s a process that results in progress.  One word of caution when you’re asking for feedback don’t get hung up on personal opinions towards you this is why it is important for you to go back and reflect on the feedback that you have received.   

I have learned to embrace my failures and not see them as setbacks.  “I always tell my kids failure is an option, giving up is not.” Without failure, reflection, action and feedback there is no progress.  2018 has the potential to be an extraordinary year!  Cheers to your success!

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