JAKI was born out of passion and a love of beautiful curated pieces with quality and artisan style that speaks to you. I was introduced to a merchant who has the most amazing and stunning handmade scarves and shawls I had ever seen.  The quality and workmanship is second to none.A world of luxury that is inspired by generational artists creating one of kind hand embroidered Cashmere scarves.  This art of hand embroidery has been passed down for thousands of years creating statement pieces immersed with the purest Cashmere. I was shocked to find out that this art will disappear in 25 years, if the next generation does not embrace the art of hand embroidery.Now my scarves not only look and feel beautiful, but have true meaning.  Each hand embroidered Cashmere scarf takes approximately 3-4 months to make and the results are breathtaking. Please take some time to look through my collection and hope you will enjoy these scarves as much as I do. When you look the way you want to feel you empower that feeling. We are also empowering generational families to keep the artistry alive and by celebrating these heirloom pieces you create traditions and memories. 
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