Legacy Collection


This collection embodies the very essence of legacy and heritage.  Each piece is hand embroidered by artisans who are guided by their ancestors.  I work closely with one family that has passed down this art for almost 1,000 years to the next generation.  As their hands are guided by their ancestors each piece is meticulously designed and hand embroidered taking almost 4 to 14 months to finish. 


I have curated a limited edition of our legacy collection working closely with this family who has hand crafted each piece to help create your legacy. 


Heavily embroidered Cashmere shawls were adorned by royal families and was considered to be a status symbol.  Each piece was a legacy passed down to the next generation as a symbol of their family, wealth and status.


I remember wearing my very first cashmere scarf from my collection, I never felt such softness and warmth around my neck, I felt protected and glamourous all at once. The longer and more often these Cashmere shawls are worn the softer it becomes. 


My dear friend and an advocate of my collection below sums up how she feels when she wears one of House of JAKI’s Legacy Collection cashmere scarf.


            "My Heirloom... what it really is…


The scarves (yes, I own a few) from House of JAKI are beyond beautiful. When you see and touch them, they feel luxurious and epitomize classiness, but what it really does is, they enhance the beauty I know I have within.


Most women I know pick out their outfits for the day, and match the accessories that go with the outfit. I personally pick out the scarf I want to wear first, and then match my outfits to them. My scarves embody who I am, they enhance my outfit and change the look with a single swoop over the neck, or with a double-tie to the side. It doesn't matter how my outfit looks, I know my scarf can bring my overall look from meh to WOW!


Of all my scarves, what makes my cashmere hand embroidered my favorite and most special? There are so many reasons, but the most important one... it's the artistry of hand embroidery, and the love and patience that went into the piece. It's a craft that should be respected and appreciated. When I put on my wrap, I feel the love that went into it. It's like being hugged by generations of extraordinary people with immeasurable talent. The patience of hand embroidery transcends beyond the wrap, and calms my soul. It's better than listening to slow jazz and sipping a glass of fine bourbon. Yes, this piece is truly magical; magic that I will pass on.”  Grace


I was commissioned to create a legacy hand embroidered cashmere shawl for a family who had four sisters by one of the siblings.  She presented each sister with the shawl to celebrate their sisterhood and their legacy.  Knowing that we were a part of their legacy was the most rewarding and inspiring endeavors I have ever done.  Which shawl will be your legacy?


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