About Us

Life, Luxury and Legacy

You can feel and sense as one season changes into the next; a sense of reawakening, a rejuvenated purpose, chance to rethink and build a better today.  Enjoy each season for what it has to offer with friends and family.

I live for curated products, books, fashion and home décor; and when I say I live for, I literally live at the bookstore, at the mall, home décor stores and boutiques.  I like to express my creativity in the way we do things everyday.  Taking the ordinary and turning into luxury. Through these creative moments I find inspiration in everyday life creating my own legacy. House of JAKI is about inspiration, ideas, creativity and insightful thoughts.  When you look, and do the things you want to, you empower that feeling and that's Life, Luxury and Legacy!

We often think of legacy as leaving wealth behind, being a philanthropist or passing down an art or skill and although these are valid and often predictable ways to create legacy; there is a more powerful way to create your legacy that is “Your legacy is every life you’ve touched” by Dr. Maya Angelou.