Our Belief

We believe our curated pieces empower confidence, happiness and paying it forward.

Empower your Confidence-We all need a little help building our true confidence and sometimes we need a little push to show our confidence.

Empower Happiness-When you look the way you want, you empower that feeling. 

When you surround yourself with what compliments you, you empower a feeling of comfort and pride in your space.

Go on kick it up a notch, look and feel fabulous today!

Pay it Forward- As we empower these artisans to keep their ancestral traditions alive we encourage you to pass along your stories of confidence, love and happiness.

Our Essence

" JAKI represents high quality products that celebrates, artistry, style and design. In the spirit of this passion, our aspiration is to offer pieces of natural luxury.

Our Philosophy

To be an authentic brand providing quality, genuine customer experience and empowering the way you want to feel.

To be an authentic brand that encourages for our artisans to continue their ancestral talent and artistic visions.

A scarf is an accessory to life…it should feel soft, bring out the colour of your eyes, compliment your skin, give you warmth, change your look; it’s the way you want to feel.